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Relaunch upcoming...

Railergy is restructuring its business.

The web presence of our "Next Gen" is under construction. 

Stay tuned or contact us at

Command & Control Systems. Integration. Platforms. Consulting.

Our mission: Green transportation through leading technology at lower cost

We are bringing together the best of two worlds: Innovative processes, methodologies and tools from relevant industries (IT, aerospace, automotive and industrial automation on one side. 

Deep experience in all aspects of rail technology and certification processes on the other side. 

Instead of covering the entire system ourselves, we join forces with technological leaders. Together we promise seamless, integrated and innovative solutions with unprecedented economics.

Our products and services are tailored for operators and OEMs alike.


Image by Aditya Chinchure


Follow our EVC NG development



Certifiable Platforms

Retrofit TCMS

ETCS & ATO vehicle integration 

Freight & MINING Solutions

CCS Systems (ATP, ATO)


Asset Tracking

We move your world

Image by Damian Patkowski

Railergy in Africa

Since more than 15 years, we know and love Africa. 

Our solutions for Freight & Mining and Logistics bring a new level of safety and efficiency, affordable as never before. 

We believe in local value creation. 

Currently we have local presence in Cameroon and South Africa. 

We are also your consultants for large infrastructure and rolling stock projects.

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