The fast track to high- integrity software 


Model- Based software development, covering the full lifecycle as required by best practises and certification standards for applications in Aerospace, Rail Automation, Industry, Automotive and Medical. 

SCADE Suite allows to build data models, algorithms and complex control structures and is scaleable from extremely constrained resources to large distributed systems.

SCADE Suite benefits

Create modular, reusable executable software specifications

Data modelling, control flow models, algorithms

Generated code is best in the market for memory usage and execution speed

Code fully target agnostic and portable 

Enabled for Multi- Simulation with all leading simulation platforms. 

Compatible with all operating systems

SCADE Display

Model- based development of complex user interfaces with the highest rendering quality. 

Tightly integrated with SCADE Suite, it allows to design interactive, multi- layered display applications. 

Full control of color tables, line stipple tables, layers, masks and interactivity together with easy portability (all you need is a OpenGL SC or OpenGL ES stack) provide a future- proof foundation for your high- integrity user interface software requirements .

SCADE Display benefits

Create modular, reusable interface specifications

Full support for interactivity (keyboards, pointing devices, multi- touch, gestures)

Automatically generate code using SCADE Display KCG Certifiable Code Generator 

Compatible with any OpenGL Stack

The fastest track to UI Design

Assuring your success with ANSYS SCADE

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