Know- How for your success: Trainings and Seminars 

Advanced tools and methodologies for Embedded Software Development are efficient and save cost and time.

They enable your team to concentrate on what you know best: the design of software that gives your product the edge over your competition.  Our trainings and seminars help you to master the first steps, or to gain deeper insight into advanced topics. 


Based on curriculum that is designed to regularly cover the topics which are of interest for a broader audience, seminars are great way to build a deep understanding of the tools and methodologies.

Each seminar is a combination of theory, and practical exercises and is organised in small groups. 

For all trainings and seminars, get in touch with us at

Custom training classes

Custom training classes are often chosen by teams who want to jump-start a development project and wish to learn exactly the skills needed to do the job.

For custom training classes, we work out a special curriculum with you, and in many cases we are even able to work on an example or an initial module of your real software application.

As custom training classes often require the availability of the right expert from our side and also need some preparation time, be sure to book as soon as possible. 


SCADE Suite, SCADE Display and SCADE Architect target systems with high dependability requirements or the need for safety certification. 

Our seminars and trainings show you how to get the best return on investment from this well- proven tool suite. 

We cover the full spectrum of trainings- from the Basic Training Classes to specific sessions on advanced topics .

We use training material and examples that are tailored for each audience.

Industrial Applications

SCADE Tools have traditionally been the approach of choice in Aerospace, Rail Transportation and other domains with certification requirements. 

We have been pioneering the use of SCADE in industrial applications where traditionally PLCs and ad-hoc solutions have been used. 

Benefit from our experience with applications that face challenges such as constrained power and memory, small teams, and the need to integrate with special hardware and the IoT. 

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