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Project recovery/ Emergency Services 

Mission- and Safety Critical Software projects are often challenging.

New methodologies that promise benefits in terms of time to market and cost are sometimes not easy to deploy and to manage.  

Sometimes a new methodology can save a project even late in the development cycle. 

We can cover traditional and formal approaches (Python, JS, C, Ada, Ansys SCADE, B- Method, DDS) and more.

Challenge us!


We have a proven track record in bringing complex, safety- critical software projects back "on track". Whether you are experiencing certification issues, your software runs out of memory, you need performance improvements or need a redesign that makes your software models readable and understandable, or need to make your team work together in a more efficient way: Our team works with you, our industry partners and, if required with external companies in order to bring you back on track, on schedule and on budget.  

We are focusing on what we can do best: Giving a quick and transparent assessment of the situation, recommending an action plan, bringing on board the right team of specialists (from ourselves and our partners), ramping up your team on new methods and tools, as required.

And we will honestly tell you when we believe that there are better options than working with us.