Microgrid Solutions

Stable and affordable power under complex conditions

Research and development to tackle Africa's energy challenges

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Electricity in Africa 

The best return on investment for sustainable development is to solve the energy issues, without repeating the mistakes made elsewhere by taking the "fossil detour".

While large international and national  programs are the right answer for Africa's megacities, remote areas risk to be further decoupled from development, leading to further urbanisation and migration. 

Decentral Solutions 

We deeply believe that the right mixture of developing energy production, transport and distribution on national level, microgrid technology makes all the difference for rural areas. 

Whether hybrid solutions for areas with unreliable energy supply or island grids for small remote villages: Reducing cost and enabling iterative business models will unblock the development. 

We are on the way....

No product... yet. We are developing distributed control systems for grid stabilisation, dynamic load management that integrate with existing grids or enable villages and municipalities to create their own energy scheme. 

Also industrial solutions for reliable energy supply and -backup. Stay tuned!