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Automatic Train Control. Simulation. Infrastructure 

We improve safety for railway undertakings in areas where rail automation is a new challenge. We help to make the transition to ETCS more affordable.


Automatic Train Control System, adapted for low-density lines. Overlay or standalone, ETCS compatible.


Standard or custom Driver Machine Interface Systems for Mainline or CBTC


Cloud- based or Lab simulation and test systems. Subset-094 available.

Track Surveying and Signalling Validation

Mobile validation and simulation systems

Railway Sleepers, Turnouts and Rails

Timber Sleepers, High- Quality Rails and Turnouts 


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Driver- Machine Interface

ETCS DMI software in various configurations (single screen,multiple screen) and in any resolution (640x480 or higher). Custom or unified DMI service for STM devices. Full support for ERA ETCS SRS Subset-121. EN50128 SIL2 process, verification and validation. 

(pictures show a 1024x768 single screen configuration for ETCS, on Bachleitner & Heugel DMI hardware, and a 640x480 configuration with custom DMI service for National System (ATB) )


Simulation and testing is the key for signalling systems validation and certification.

We design and build simulation systems that can comprise the following options:

  • Web (Cloud) based simulation with HTML5 user interface, including DMI

  • Full Subset-094 and Subset-076 functionality

  • ETCS onboard and trackside

  • NTC onboard and trackside

  • Full digital twin of all aspects of the system, using Ansys simulation technology

Above functionally is brought to you in collaboration with leading industry partners.

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Track validation

Zero onsite testing is not yet a universal reality. Our mobile or vehicle- mounted systems provide you with a flexible platform for

  • topographical survey of existing lines (GNSS/ INS RTK)

  • validation of existing signalling systems (geolocation, functional testing(

  • validation of new trackside installations (ETCS or NTC) through real-time comparison with simulated trackside/ onboard. 

Railway Sleepers

Timber sleepers 

Turnouts and rails from world- leading manufacturers.  

We make and ship hardwood timber sleepers. Learn more...