Affordable Train- Control 

Train- Centric Automatic Train Control and Automatic Train Protection.

ETCS - STM configuration 

Train Centric Automatic Train Control

Safety, Reliability, ETCS Integration

Introducing Automatic Train Control Systems on low- density lines siginficantly enhances dispatch reliablity and safety.

However, trackside installations tend to be very expensive, hard to maintain and are subject to vandalism and theft.


In high- density scenarios, the ETCS standard has become the state- of the art for new lines and retrofit.


RAILERGY TCS-A provides automatic train control for low- density lines, with no or minimal trackside installation requirements.


Depending on operational requirements, the system can be integrated with industry- standard ETCS onboard equipment via the standard STM interface (ERA ETCS SRS Subset-035 and Subset-058).


An ETCS- compliant Driver- Machine interface is optional.


TCS-A maintains a 3D- map of the line onboard and is able to resolve any potential collision conflicts with other vehicles through onboard functionality. The vehicles on the track exchange their position information via digital, encrypted radio or satellite link with each other.

The train position is being calculated using a combination of track- matching technology with a high- precision, GNSS augmented inertial reference system. The system supports all existing GNSS systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) for maximum availabilty and integrity.


A positive logic ensures that the train stops whenever the integrity of the train position or the communication link cannot be guaranteed.


TCS-A can be configured to fit your specific situation and operational rules and can work as an overlay system or integrated with your legacy signalling system.


Adherence to the relevant standards (EN5012x SIL4, EN50155, ERA ETCS SRS V3.3.0 or V3.5.0) ensures that the highest standards in safety and interoperability are met.