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Driver Assistance Systems

Railways meet a constantly increasing pressure to provide greater capacity and improved service performance, whilst reducing investment, operational cost and energy usage. 

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CATO guides driving on the second according to the real traffic plan and the actual situation.

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Traffic Capacity

CATO allows efficient centrally guided traffic operation with optimal usage of infrastructure capacity.

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CATO guides driving with minimum energy and environmental emissions.

CO2, noise and particles are significantly reduced.

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Customer Satisfaction

CATO guides to smooth on- time driving, best possible comfort and high capacity.

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CATO brings reduced operational costs. Energy consumption, wear and tear and maintenance effort are reduced.

Proven in day- to- day operations


Based on deep knowledge in traction and braking system design, CATO is based on Digital Twin technologies, using advanced modelling and optimisation methodologies and algorithms. 

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IORE (iron ore) operations with 8500t train weight on a heavily used line at LKAB on the Lulea- Kiruna- Narvik line in Sweden and Norway.

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HKL (Helsinki Metro) with CATO, achieving +-10s punctuality and >20% less traction energy consumption in day-to-day operations

ATO (Automatic Train Operation)

For more information, please contact us

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Vehicle Integration

Vehicle integration of ETCS onboard systems are a major cost driver and a high project risk. 

Besides special solutions based on TCMS retrofit and -extension, we work with industry and operators to define the future standard interfaces that will find their way into TSI releases in the next decades.

RGY VS - modular and scalable ETCS OBU

RGY-VS is our ETCS NG.

Built on 7 years of experience, starting with openETCS and having evolved to a DMA (Distributed Modular Architecture) system concept, RGY VS is on a trajectory for demonstration in 2022. 

Stay tuned. 

For more information, please contact us


We provide support and consulting to all stakeholders in ETCS projects, with a focus on architecture, integration, and long-term evolution

#ETCS Solutions

TCMS Retrofit and Integration

One of the biggest challenges in retrofit is the engineering of the connections between the Onboard Units of the CCS systems (like ATO and ETCS) and the control systems of the vehicle. 

If you have a old Diesel loco, an EMU or a modern locomotive with a digital TCMS: Our modular approach and our deep knowledge of existing and emerging standards such as Subset-119 and Subset-139 enable us to find an economical solution for your retrofit project.

Lab Vehicles


For Lab vehicles, we have a portfolio of special solutions. 5G Remote Control, emulation of different TCMS systems, survey systems--- challenge us!


For more information, please contact us

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# Lab

Safe Location

For ETCS level 3, for ATO and for other CCS applications, a safe and precise vehicle position information is essential.

Traditional solutions (based on radar) are expensive and hard to retrofit. 

Pure GNSS solutions lack availability and it is very difficult to demonstrate continual integrity of the positioning solution. 

Our Vehicle Locator system is based on fusion of:

- Intelligent topology- matching technology, based on AI and protected by a SIL4 safe position envelope algorithm

- IMU- based short- term positioning, making sure that the immediate trajectory is fused with the topology- matching information

This solution is augmented by an integrated solution based on a complex Kalman- Filter that uses information from wheel- speed sensors, dual GNSS receivers (336 channels, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou constellations). 

The system can be configured for different levels of positioning accuracy. (0,5m, 0,1m, 2cm) depending on your requirements (subscription fees may apply).

No radar or lidar sensors are required for a safe vehicle location. The system can be retrofitted to legacy rolling stock. 

The interfaces are compliant to the relevant standards. A BTM emulation mode (for virtual balise approach) is available as an option. 

Please contact us for further information.

#POS solutions

Platform Solutions


Our onboard solutions are powered by hardware and system software by BACHLEITNER Technology.

ETCS onboard units, ATO systems, ETCS DMI systems and other man- machine interfaces and CCS systems all rely on platform solutions tailored for rail. All systems are EN 50155 compliant and available for SIL0, SIL2 and (for OBUs) SIL4.

Besides turn- key solutions, we provide platforms for OEM applications. Below you find some examples. Please contact us for further information.

Onboard Control Systems

Driver- Machine Interfaces

Control and Visualisation Systems

EN50128 SIL2 and IEC61508 SIL3 Real- Time Operating System and OpenGL Stack


AnzenOS, the safe real- time operating system is available for ARM and Aurix platforms.

With its POSIX- compliant API, Anzen OS is the solid basis for your safety- critical systems.

AnzenOS has been certified to EN50128 SIL2 requirements by TÜV Nord.

EN50128 SIL2 OpenGL Stack for Ansys SCADE Display 


SCADE Display relies on an OpenGL SC compliant graphics stack. Our safe OpenGL graphics stack is exactly tailored for Ansys SCADE Display KCG generated code. It has been certified to EN50128 SIL2 requirements by TÜV Nord and is the most economical solution for deploying safety critical applications based on Ansys SCADE Display. 

IoT in Rail Communication Platform

Our brokerless technology is scalable from small applications to very large deployments with tens of thousands transactions per second.

The technology is compatible with current and future communication technologies such as GSM-R and FRMCS and suitable for safe and secure applications.

For all CCS, asset tracking and remote management applications: contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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Anzen OS
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