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Main Line

Main line operations have their specific requirements. 

Command and Control Systems need to operate in a complex environment and be interoperable with many systems across numerous stakeholders.


We have been involved in the evolution of the relevant standards and are cooperating with major operators and industry players.

All our solutions provide the optimum in green efficiency and standards conformance.


Our solutions and services cover the key CCS systems: DAS (Driver Advisory Systems), ATO, ETCS, TCMS and Positioning.

We also provide hardware solutions and software stacks.

Check our solutions for further information.

#Main Line Applications


ATO Systems are state-of-the-art at modern metro networks. 

Our ATO system with Transrail CATO inside brings ATO to the next level by introducing eco-optimal driving. Being on- time within seconds and reducing energy consumption by up to 25% are no contradiction.

For existing rolling stock, often introduction of a Driver Advisory System is the most economic solution to profit from being on time, very time while significantly reducing energy cost.

Check our solutions for further information.

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#Metro Applications

Freight & Mining, Logistics

Freight & mining operations may have a very diverse set of requirements: Some are in remote areas and use old infrastructure without modern trackside equipment. Others have to integrate with main line operations. 

Often, diesel traction is used, which urges an additional focus on the reduction of energy consumption. Old rolling stock needs to be enabled for modern CCS systems. 

Increased safety standards require retrofit of ATP systems, but the economics are against it. 

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#Freight & Mining and Logistics

Special Applications

Lab vehicles, remote control systems, automatic shunting and ATCS and ATO consulting are some of the fields we have covered in the past. 

Our modular TCMS retrofit system, our expertise in special solutions and our long- standing experience in safety- critical software development methodology are the basis for customer- specific solutions. 

We are your partner of choice for any "special mission vehicle". 

Contact us to discuss your special requirements and check out our solutions

#Special Applications


Africa is not just a continent, it is a diverse world full of potential.

54 different countries, at least 1500 languages, a young and well educated population and a wealth of opportunities. 

Rail transportation is seeing a renaissance in many African regions, others are trying to bring back to live dormant potentials.

If your operation is about freight, mining, passengers, commuters or intermodal- our solutions and services help you to make your service more reliable, punctual, economical and safe. 

Contact us to discuss your special requirements and check out our solutions

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